Upcoming Local Shows 2018

Hernder's Estate wine 24th annual christmas show

november 2-4, 2018 - hernder's estate ,

St Catharine's, ON

Handmade market 10th annual christmas show

november 9-11, 2018 - scotiabank ctr

niagara falls, on

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Michelle White                                                wainfleet, Ontario              

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About Niagara Glass Mosaics

Growing up in the arts and crafts community so prevalent in Nova Scotia, I have been creating artwork since childhood, and given away many, many projects. Now, I finally feel like I have my 10,000 hours in, as Malcolm Gladwell would put it, and am now creating artworks to sell professionally. I've lived all over Central and Eastern Canada, from Toronto to Charlottetown, as well as Sweden. My husband, David Buckton, and I settled in the gorgeous Niagara Region of Ontario and own Turaida, a forest garden nursery focusing on sustainably grown organic produce, plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers. 

I enjoy every minute creating my artwork, even when that means breaking out another bandaid from a glass slice. I have a background in biology, and am an avid gardener, thus I draw much inspiration from nature. I also have a deep love of art history, in particular the art deco, expressionist, and impressionist movements. 

Although I have dabbled in many mediums thru the years, my focus is now with glass mosaics. I also work watercolour and illustration, and have begun incorporating illustrative painting into the mosaic artworks.

 My illustrative style is all about capturing realism with my mosaics emulate this aesthetic using variations of texture and colour of the glass to effect the transmittance qualities of light and create depth.

Most of my mosaics are the glass-on-glass method which uses a glass sheet as the canvas to which the hand cut glass shards are adhered creating the mosaic image. This technique enables me to create glass images with more flexibility than I could with traditional stained glass, and enable me to use painting techniques with glass as the "paint".